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A boutique photo studio and natural light rental space. Studio pastel offers a sun washed and storied space for creatives and visual story tellers located in Leaside Toronto. The loft has a large south facing window to offer the most sunlight. Our space is available to rent to the public for photography, videography, pop-ups, events or getting ready location for weddings. Rent for the day or a minimum of 2hrs.

02 Studio Pastel Interior


03  Interior Features 

All of our vintage furniture within the vignettes have been curated by Miller Island. Each piece within the space has been mindfully selected and carefully placed with the best lighting and backdrop in mind.

We hope that our space feels like a destination. Our minimal,  80’s Florida sunroom style with a hint of art deco will feel like a mini escape. You can use the curtain room dividers to create movable textures and stunning backdrops. Our 14ft ceilings with staircase offer many settings for creatives. Each corner of the studio has a storied design that is versatile.


Lighting and Backdrops: Please make use of our white walls and sun washed space. With our south facing windows you will have the best natural light and shadows for photos. We have added extra fabrics, paintings and textures in the room to use as backdrops.


Photography Essentials: Natural light and overhead lighting. Sheer curtains and fabric curtain room divider to control light in the space. Clothing rack, hand steamer.


Temperature: The space is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. The space is always a comfortable climate.


Props: Please use any props you see within our space, if you do move them from the original place,  please return to them once you are finished.


Kitchen: You will find a small fridge to store any food you bring to the studio, help yourself to any cutlery or glass wear but be sure to clean anything you use. There is a Starbucks and Longos within a short walking distance.


Washroom: Full private washroom within the space and minimally styled with vintage pieces.

05 Studio guidelines

05 Studio Guidelines


studio pastel is being monitored by video camera at all times.

Our space is roughly 1000sp ft. we can host up to 30 people in our space.

Please remove outdoor shoes at the front door, they are not to be worn inside the studio. No food or drink other than in kitchen area. A few things we ask;

*No loud music

*No alcohol

*No glitter (it is impossible to remove from fabric and floors)

*No pets

*No outdoor shoes in studio

If you do move furniture please lift/do not drag on the floor and return once finished.

*Please note your booking begins and ends from the time you have requested, please allow ample time to set up and clean up when you are finished to avoid an extra fee.

*You will be charged a full hour (or more) for any time spent in the studio that exceeds 15 min beyond your original booking. This must be approved in advance as our studio is booked with back to back bookings and our cleaning team will need access prior to the next scheduled appointment. Please book your stay accordingly.

Our cleaning fee is for our standard cleaning and maintenance, please throw away garbage, wash any dishes you may use etc. Please leave the space as you found it upon entry including furniture. Our cleaning service does not re arrange furniture so please be mindful of this to avoid an additional $75 cleaning fee.

*Damage policy: If you break, stain, rip or damage any furniture or props you will be charged the full value of the piece.


Building Guidelines: We have parking on site, please park in open spaces that are available. No pets, or loitering in the hallways. Please do no photography or loud noise in the hallways.


Food/coffee: There is a Starbucks and Longos within walking distance from the studio. We have a small fridge that you can use to store any food at the studio. Please do not eat or drink on any of the studio furniture other than the kitchen table/chairs.



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